KC's, a foodies paradise has come up in Moranbah, the place very well known for mining industry in Brisbane. People know Moranbah for its mining history. If you ask anyone about this place, you just have to ask them,"do you know that mining town?", the prompt reply would be, 'oh Moranbah', yes we know the place really well.

KC's pies and pastries does not need any introduction as its the only business in Moranbah which has cpme a long way. The place is pretty well known in the local community. Apart from serving its finger licking delicacies, KC's has been contributing its share tremendously in social service and charities.If we try to learn the history and background of KC's business, It has always been managed by one or the two owners time to time. Speaking about the future of Moranbah, Mr Bhagwant was optimistic. He said, "With the mining downturn, people were leaving Moranbah. The business and café on Wednesdays and Thursdays seems to be very busy, we have seen the queue spreding out of the door on these days.

Today,KC'sis managed by Mr singh, and it is doing really good with help of their hard working staff. KC's assures the best quality and presentable food to their customers. The present restaurant manager has been in the hospitality industry in Moranbah for about 18 months, and says signs the town was turning around made opening the new restaurant a no-brainer.He commented, "The old shop was KC's Pies and Pastries and the core products are still pies and pastries, but now we have the new chefs, we will have some Indian curry, some Chinese food like barbequeue pork and honey chicken and other traditional Chinese food."

I think with the higher coal prices, the town will be busy again. That's why we made this new restaurant.

Actually with all the mining, people are already settled down here. They have their kids, they have their career here, the kids grew up here, they have schools and things like that.

So I think (with the rising coal prices and business picking up) Moranbah will only get bigger.

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